Cupping therapy for stretch marks: stretch mark research

stretch marks
stretch marks


Do you suffer from long term stretch marks? What kind of method is not working for you?

Today we will tell you about a method that will help you to get rid of your frustration and recover from stretch marks. And that method is cupping therapy. Yes, cupping therapy.

Cupping therapy can free your stretch marks and give you a beautiful skin. Stretch marks are a very common problem nowadays. Which happens to almost everyone. 

When we gain weight very quickly and such problems are more common in pregnant women. It is white and reddish with long spots in the skin.

Many times we are very tense for this stretch mark. We try a lot to hide the stretch mark and feel a little more embarrassed when wearing clothes. Stretch marks lower our confidence level.

In this blog, we are going to talk about how to reduce stretch marks and cupping therapy for stretch marks.

How many types of stretch marks?

There are many types of stretch marks on our body but red and white are the two types of stretch marks that can be noticed.

In medical terms, the red stretch mark is called stria rubrae and the white stretch mark is called stria alba. Over time, these red and thick stretch marks turn into white and thin lines

The rich factor for stretch mark:

Women who became pregnant at a very young age and those who already have stage marks on the breast, thighs, hips are most likely to have this problem. This line is seen in women who have gained more weight before becoming pregnant and women who have more birth weight.

Moreover, it may be due to genetic problems. Although it has no scientific explanation, these risk factors are thought to cause stretch marks. Again, some studies have shown that women who drink less water and those who have diabetes have stretch marks.

Cause of stretch mark:

Stretch marks are usually caused by a number of reasons, some of which are significant: obesity – those who try to gain weight very quickly.

  • Bodybuilders – Most bodybuilders see this line. Suddenly when they gain more muscle.
  • Steroid Creams – People who use steroid creams for darmatical problems on the skin are easily stretched marks. Complications for using such steroid creams without a doctor’s prescription are further exacerbated.
  • Hormonal disorder- Finally, those who suffer from hormonal disorders are also more prone to stage marks. This line is seen especially in adolescence.

Cupping therapy for stretch marks:

Cellulite cupping is one of the best methods to remove stretch marks. Putting the cups on the desired part of the body and massaging it increases the blood flow due to negative pressure.

Cellulite cupping massage is the only way to solve many more problems including anti-aging and skin damage. Moreover, the level of collagen and elastin production in the body also increases.

On the other hand, bellabaci cups are also used to remove stretch marks. The bellabaci cup is a kind of silicone. But traditionally used in various luxury spas and salons for many years.

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Benefits of cupping massage for stretch marks: 

  • Converts tired muscles into active muscles.
  • This massage can relieve stretch marks and muscle pain in the short-range daily.
  • It is possible to remove fine lines and skin tone of the skin.
  • There is no substitute for regular bellabaci cupping massage to relieve stress.
  • As a result of cupping massage, the red stage marks will gradually turn into white stretch marks.
  • Above all, it will help maintain the stability of the blood.

How to remove stretch marks at home:

Reduce stretch marks
Reduce stretch marks

 It is possible to remove stretch marks by completing a few sessions of cupping therapy. First of all, the places where the presence of stretch marks can be noticed should be cleaned with disinfectant.

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When the area is dry, gently massage with various light oils such as coconut oil and argan oil. As if the dead cells are being stimulated. Place the cup in the desired place and squeeze. Remember not to squeeze too fast with the cup. The work must be done very slowly and carefully.

As a result, the dying skin will start turning pink due to squeezing. This is because it will increase blood flow through the skin and increase the production of collagen and elastin.

After squeezing the soft cup, use a little hard cup periodically, so that there is no pain. This cupping therapy for stretch marks should be continued for two to three minutes daily in the desired place. Until the stretch marks are removed.

In a few days, you will be able to enjoy its benefits. Also, you can read how to get rid of cupping marks?  


Stretch marks before and after
Stretch marks before and after

Stretch mark is a very embarrassing thing for us now. As a result, our confidence level decreases a lot. Feeling small in front of people. Only by applying the above methods properly can it be possible to get rid of such problems. You can apply cupping therapy for stretch marks without any side effects.


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