Why can’t you shower after cupping?

Is cupping an ancient medical method?

Acupuncture and cupping therapy are two examples of ancient medical methods. These two treatments were very popular from the dawn of human civilization when no medical treatment reached us.

Through which all kinds of diseases were treated. This article covers, “why can’t you shower after cupping?”

At present these have been transformed into modern medical methods. Where players, politicians, stars, and many others are being treated in this way.

The scientist Ibn Sina, in his groundbreaking book, The Law of Medicine, beautifully presents cupping therapy. Cupping methods have been used to accelerate toxins in the body and to prevent poisoning. 

What are the main effects of cupping therapy?

Michael Phelps cupping therapy
Michael Phelps cupping therapy

According to the doctrine of Chinese therapists, cupping therapy plays a very effective role in improving the QI value of the human body and opening every channel of the body.

Some of the notable effects of cupping therapy on the human body in general are;

  •  breaking the blood blockage and keeping the blood circulation normal.
  •  relieving all kinds of physical pain.
  •  removing toxic blood from the body.
  •  relieving fatigue.
  • Separation of connective tissue.
  •  Reduction of swelling of the body.
  • Elimination of high blood pressure and migraine problems.
  • Stop excessive white discharge.
  •  Severe heart disease.
  • Lack of knowledge and memory.
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Arthritis and thyroid problems.
  • Above all, to improve the structure of the body.

How long can cupping therapy be done?

According to the primary healing mechanism, if there is no problem after scratching, the cupping can be done again in the same place after 24 hours. Since cupping acts as a preventative against the disease, a healthy person can have cupping once a year.

However, for those who have more problems, cupping should be done every 7 days or 15 days or one month.

Cupping before care:

  • It is better to take a bath 4 hours before cupping.
  • Cupping should be done during the day and on an empty stomach.
  •  24 hours before and after cupping should be avoided.
  •  The doctor must be informed about the previous prescription.
  •  For those who are late for blood clotting due to any medicine or disease or for those suffering from any complex disease, cupping should not be done without the advice of an experienced doctor.
  • Pregnant women must consult a doctor before cupping.

Cupping aftercare:

  • Refrain from hard work for 24 hours after cupping.
  • If you have allergies, refrain from eating foods that cause allergic reactions within 24 hours of cupping.
  •  Don’t eat too much-processed food.
  •  Drink a moderate amount of hot water and ginger tea.
  • Avoid anxiety and anger problems.
  • Avoid eating raw foods, alcohol, and fatty foods.
  • After cupping and before your Drink water at room temperature for 24 to 48 hours to detoxify the body.
  • wear comfortable clothes after cupping.
  •  You can eat honey and dates for body strength.

Why can’t you shower after cupping?

Why can't shower after cupping?
Why can’t shower after cupping?

Most people think that taking a bath before and after the massage or cupping therapy is very important, healthy, and normal. But it is the complete opposite. You may face various problems on your skin.

The skin after cupping is more sensitive than before. Taking a shower at this time can cause many types of damage, including skin inflammation. If you take a bath with cold water, there is a possibility of catching a cold.

In addition, there may be an inflammatory problem in the place where the cup is placed. That’s why you should take a bath exactly 24 hours after cupping when your body is in a stable condition.

And if you need to take a bath very much, then after four hours, take a bath in warm water. Take a bath with a little care so that it does not get wet and the place does not get wet for a long time.

Why can’t you shower before cupping?

Another thing is that you should not take a bath just before cupping. When we take a bath, the blocks of contaminated blood on the surface of the skin break down and increase the blood circulation to the skin muscles. Then it is difficult to get the expected result by cupping.

So it is better to take a bath 4 hours before cupping. On the other hand, avoid damp environments as much as possible after cupping. Trying to keep the body dry and not going in cold air.


We often suffer from skin inflammation due to not following such proper procedures. Such precautions should be taken before and after cupping therapy to avoid any problems.

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